Inverex Tubular Solar Battery


Main Features

Tubular Type positive plates
Superior high density online materials
Excellent Corrosion resistance
Ultra-Low Maintenance
Ceramic Water Level indicates
Excellent cyclic performance with quick change application
Deep Discharge Abilities
Ultra-Low Self Discharge



Inverex presenting the new range of tall tubular batteries, which designed specially withstand ling and frequent power interruptions. Inverex Tubular Batteries are now having on all new tubular design positive plates with warranty of 12 months.

Inverex Tubular Batteries are low maintenance batteries with new tubular positive plates which are known for the excellent characteristics of power backup for longer time and duration and extremely good results, provides longer periods of power backup and longer life of batter.

These batteries are also uniquely designed which contains especially active materials, delivers optimum power output and 20% more electrolyte which acts as coolant. Controls rising temperature of the battery and in presence of ceramic fitted with water level indicator reverts water back into the battery which comes out due to vaporization enhancing ultra-low maintenance to it, It is an idel choice for home inverter / solar system.

ModelITT 12V-150AH
Nominal Voltage12.0
Capacity10 HR
Dimensions503 x 189 x 411
Filled Weight58 Kg


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